Lately I’ve been enjoying living in the moment rather than instantly thinking about capturing moments on camera or frantically writing things down.

Trees, clouds and blue skies

There have been evenings where I’ve got home, from a night/ day out, and realised I hadn’t whipped my phone out to get that perfect Instagram worthy photo. I’ve enjoyed, and let others enjoy, meals without them going cold; I’ve listened to music and enjoyed seeing every moment through my own eyes; I’ve explored my surroundings and taken in the natural beauty; and I’ve listened and had conversations without being distracted.

Over the last few months I’ve slowed down on the blogging & social media treadmill preferring to live in the moment and to relish life’s small pleasures and enjoy the journey. It’s felt great just to stop, look, listen and relax.

There’s a lot been happening behind the scenes over the last few years and I think it’s all catching up with me. Having been blogging for five years I’ve felt I needed a bit of breathing space to just enjoy life. As well as to help decide how to grow the blog, I’ve been thinking for a while about the type of posts that I write and which resonate with readers.

I’m hoping, as summer draws to a close and my most favourite season of the year is within touching distance, my spark will be ignited once again to write regularly and capture life through the lenses.

I’ve taken inspiration from my previous post on How to Live in the Moment, it’s packed with tips which you might find helpful if you too need to put the brakes on.

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