Is lavender natures healer?

I absolutely love the smell of lavender, it is one of my favourite smells.  I’ve had lavender plants in my garden for three years now, pruning them each autumn and praying that they make it through the winter, which they have done so far.  If I am struggling to sleep, I pop the lid of my Bella Bougie essential lavender candle and breath in the lavender scent and it’s not long till I drift off.  Last year we visited the Cotswold Lavender fields at Snowshill but they had already harvested and we always intended to visit again this year.  So when Dad mentioned last week that they had driven past the fields and the colours of the lavender were wonderful, we decided to visit this weekend.  Double checking the website, we were in luck the harvest was going to start this weekend so we had just timed it right.  On Saturday we made our way through the sunny Cotswold lanes and Dad was right, the view of the lavender fields is wonderful.

The smell from the lavender is amazing and there are so many different varieties.  I particularly love the dark purple plants.  There were quite a number of people wondering through the fields, taking photos, admiring the plants and soaking up the views.


During the summer months it costs £2.50 for adults, under 16’s £1.50 and under 5’s are free to enter the fields, this fee also includes access to the distillery.  Opposite the   lavender fields   is the shop and tea room, where you can sample lavender shortbread, buy lavender products and plants.     

The views from the lavender fields over the Cotswolds is beautiful, I could have stayed there all day soaking up the sun and smell of lavender.  But we had decided to pop along to Broadway, which is under 4 miles from the lavender fields and a favourite place of ours.

I mentioned my lavender plants, in comparison here is one of them.

I wanted to leave you with this stunning view of the Vale of Evesham which is just one of the amazing views were saw on our way through the Cotswolds.

Improve your wellbeing……..use natures healer!

Lula Belle x

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