Previously when I visited Boston, on a New England tour, we spent a short time in Cambridge and of course at Harvard.  I loved the feel of this area and was very pleased to re-visit on our holiday last year.  I don’t know about you, but when I have visited a place and get a vibe from it, I always feel like I’m returning to something familiar and safe.  This time we traveled to Cambridge via the underground, from Boston Common, and it was a really easy journey.

Cambridge, MA

We headed to Harvard first.  There was an open day and guides were taking tours around the campus. How wonderful that some of them might get to study on this magnificent campus with such history.  This time I got to see more of the campus than previously.   There really are some wonderful buildings which are set off against the lush green grass and trees.  We spent a good hour on the campus and a bit like I do when I visit period houses, I started to wonder about past scholars over the centuries and what it was like when they were students.

Across the road from Harvard is Cambridge Common where there are a number of memorials including the Civil War Memorial and plaques detailing General George Washington’s command of the American Army.

We headed back towards the center of Cambridge and had a browse around the streets.  We found some wonderful buildings.  And of course one of Boston’s and Harvard’s most famous resident and scholar, John. F. Kennedy who has a street named after him.  We really enjoyed our time in Cambridge.  It is one of those places that I could easily live in.

Cambridge, MA

If you are heading to Boston I would highly recommend taking time out to visit Cambridge.  Along with Harvard and Cambridge Common, there are also theaters, historic houses, more old burying grounds as well as lots of restaurants and coffee shops.  It’s a real easy place to get around and you can either spend a whole day or part of a day there.

Harvard University, MA (4)


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