The dream. The Prefect Life. We’ll have all had dreams of how we hoped our life would turn out. What might be a perfect life for one person won’t be for someone else.  We all go about our day to day lives and most of the time not particularly analysing them.  However, at key times we are forced to do just that, such as a new job prospect, meeting someone new, or loosing a loved one, and it is usually when we question where we are and is this where we thought we’d be.  That’s exactly what has happened for me.

Packwood House, Warwickshire

I look at the world through rose tinted eyes.  Of course I blame the movies for this and the fairytales. I watched a movie last week, called Lucky in Love , which really resonated with me.  It was about a girl who was chasing the dream – job, man, house – and on April Fools day one year her dreams came true. Although once she was living her dream perfect life it didn’t seem so perfect after all.  The job was stressful.  The man wasn’t fun. The apartment was lonely by herself.  The moral of the story – in reality she had everything that made her happy already.  She just couldn’t see it even though it was right under her nose.  Her male best friend was The One. Living with her friends in a tiny apartment made her happy. Although she did keep the promotion at work because she deserved it, but approached it in a different way in order to reduce the stress.

bicycle with a basket

We’re so blinded by chasing the dream that sometimes we forget we already have a life that might just be our perfect life. A recent personal event has made me stop and analyse my life. I have a home that I have created as my sanctuary and when I step through the door nothing else matters.  I am close to my immediate and extended family which means I get to visit them often.  I have three wonderful nephews and a young cousin who I enjoy spending time with, watching them grow up they’ve enriched my life in only a way children can.  Plus they keep the child in me alive. Living in Warwickshire means I can easily access all the places I love to visit.  On a professional level I love my job and enjoy the variety I get from it. I’ve developed a blog that I am proud of and will continue to grow.  I have a wonderful circle of friends, some I’ve known for over twenty years and others I’ve met more recently, and enjoy every single one of these relationships as they all bring something different to my life.  Of course I still have dreams but I realise the life I have is pretty perfect for me right now.


I’ve come to realise that life is too short to be constantly chasing a dream.  You’ve got to live how you want for this moment.  Of course it will change as we go through life stages, but that’s all part of the adventure.  There are only so many tomorrows and putting something of now might mean it never happens.  So make sure you’re living your life now not waiting for it to happen and don’t let ‘what if’  or ‘when’ define you. There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.


TODAY Is The Day

Live your life with abandon

Be good to yourself

Fall in love

Create happiness

Be courageous and wild at heart

Make friends everywhere you go

Believe in your own power

Surround yourself with love

Take chances and be spontaneous

This is your life….Make it beautiful



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