Motivational Monday – JOY – one word to inspire your month. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It’s a time of year where if you’re not careful you get caught up in the commercialisation of the season and forget to stop and relish in the joy of this amazing time of year.

Christmas decoration with the word Joy written on it

Do you feel you’ve lost the joy from the festive season? The pressures of the season can be overwhelming – who’s hosting the big day, who should be invited, what will you eat, what to wear to the office party, who to buy presents for etc. It can also be a difficult time of year if you’ve lost a loved one, whether it’s the first Christmas without them, or the tenth, there’s no getting away from the sadness created from their not being here.

Let’s resolve, this year, not to stress so much and to remember our loved ones with happiness. Here are 5 tips on bringing the joy back into the festive season:

  1. Create a new tradition – find a new event, whether at the start or over the holidays, which will become a regular part of your festive season
  2. Get back to basics – strip away all of the commearcialisation and plan activities to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest
  3. Invest your time – in the little things which make you happy and alive
  4. Cherish memories – ensure loved ones are still part of the festive season by doing something they enjoyed
  5. Lower your expectations – even the nicest person will disappoint you if they don’t live up to the expectations you’ve placed on them

You will never regret being kind

Find joy in the ordinary

Busy is a choice, stress if a choice, joy is a choice – everything we do is a choice

Happy girls are the prettiest

It’s not the circumstances that create joy, it’s you!

Smile, happiness looks gorgeous on you

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