I’ve always tried to live an enriched life doing things that I love whether by myself, with friends or family.  I recently wrote about creating the life you want and to me having an enriched life is to live the life you love.

Cotswolds countryside

We only get one life and I firmly believe we should make it the best we possibly can.  We all deserve a life that creates precious moments.  Whether this is regular brunch dates with friends or the holiday you’ve always dreamed of, what’s important is making the time for them.

Red boat

I know everyday pressures can sometimes make it hard to live the life you want but these top tips to re-energise your life might help you to achieve a better balance to enable an enriched life.


I recently reflected on my achievements and experiences whilst writing my bucket list and realised that I have already ticked off lots of things.  I have so many cherished memories that it’s nice to recount these as well as to look forward to creating more memories as I work through my list.


I’m not advocating you blow your life savings or give up your job to go travelling.  What I am advocating is to spend a little time and to think – are you living your life the way you want? if not, then I know just some small changes just might get you there.

Countryside near Wells-Next-The-Sea


Whatever you want to do, do it

There are only so many tomorrows

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