Have we lost the art of conversation?

Whilst on the train travelling to London on Saturday not only did I notice how magical the scenery was (Isn’t the English countryside magical in the snow?) I also noticed how many people in my carriage were using tech devices. The majority were either on their phones, laptops, tablets or electronic readers and it wasn’t just the younger generation, this cut across the age ranges.  There were a number of couples on the train and at any one time either both or one of them were on their phones.  We weren’t in the quiet carriage but yet there was no conversation everyone was giving their technology of choice more attention than the person/ people they were with.

When I am travelling alone I do turn to my phone to keep me entertained and my channel of choice is Twitter.  I am following some fabulous people, blogs and brands so there is always something to view. I’ll also have something to read or my notebook, as you’ll know from In a world of technology does paper still have a place? I still love paper.  But when I am travelling with a companion I limit the use of my phone.  When did technology overtake our lives or has it been a gradual process?.

As much as I like having conversations online, whether through Twitter, text or email nothing beats talking face to face, whether it’s talking to a child about their day and seeing it light up, having a girly gossip or having a laugh at something silly with your partner. The next best option is talking over the telephone, just to hear  someone’s voice – there is no getting away from the fact that it’s good to talk.

Of course there are other types of conversations, the ones you have with shop assistants, with strangers to be polite and pass the time of day or a debate with a colleague over a piece of work.  A positive conversation can brighten up your day and/or the other persons.  Then there is small talk at parties or an event.

Call me old fashioned but if I’m spending time with someone whether it’s a friend, partner or family member I’ll be talking and engaging with them more than using my phone.

I’d love to know what you think – are we loosing the art of conversation?

It’s good to talk…..let’s do more of it!

Lula Belle x

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