What are the ingredients of a fabulous holiday?

About this time last year I was out to dinner with SBA and LBA, nothing special just an opportunity to catch up and us a voucher that we had.  Conversation turned to holidays and one thing led to another and by the end of the evening we had planned our holiday for this year.  The grand plan was to visit Washington D.C., New York and Boston.  To say we were all a little bit excited would be an understatement!  It’s not like we haven’t visited the States before we have and to these places, although not Washington D.C. for me, but not all in one trip.  After the holiday was booked at Christmas the excitement increased as the months went on.  There were planning nights,  I poured over guide books and websites to plan what I was going to do in each city.  Brought pop out maps to keep me on the straight and narrow whilst trying to find each of the locations, venues and activities.  I felt well and truly organised and ready to enjoy a fabulous holiday with SBA, LBA and her husband.  

Over the coming weeks I’ll be writing about my thoughts on each city, our hotels, places we visited, activities we undertook, restaurant reviews and the lovely purchases I made.  I hope this will give you an insight into each of these cities as well as what made my holiday fabulous.

Sunshine and smiles………make for a fabulous holiday!

Lula Belle x

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