There have been times, over the years, when I didn’t quite feel like me anymore. To start with I couldn’t quite define what was wrong. Then gradually I realised what it was. I had lost my sparkle. My bubbles. My effervescence. My glow.

quote - never let anyone dull your sparkle

Just like diamonds each and everyone of us are precious and deserve to shine brightly. The times where I wasn’t shining my brightest have been mixed. Some have been due to the actions of others which gradually wore away my glow. Some have been through sadness and loss which has overtaken my everyday being. But what I have discovered, each time, is I come back shining brighter than before. More sparkle. More bubbles. More va va voom!

If you feel like you’ve lost your sparkle, here are are my Five  Tips on How To Get Your Sparkle Back:

Be Selfish
If you have a busy family and play a number of roles, don’t loose sight of you. So often we fall into the role of being a parent, lover, daughter/son, carer etc and forget that we are just as important as everyone else. We need to look after ourselves to ensure we are fit and emotional enough to carry out one or all of these roles. Make sure you take time for yourself during the week to do something you love and to re-energise. Whether it’s an hour reading over a coffee in your favourite coffee shop, time with your friends, a gym class, or a spa session.

New Interest
Make this the year you try something new. If nothing immediately springs to mind think about what you like. For example if you like being outdoors, you could start exploring new places, try hiking or join a rambling club. Or you might want to improve your baking skills and meet friends, so the Clandestine Cake club could be just for you. Interested in antiques then set about learning more. The key here is to spend time learning something new, meeting new friends and sharing experiences.

Do What You Love
The majority of us have to go to work but if you aren’t loving what you do in your 9-5 then it’s sure to impact on how you feel day to day. If there’s an opportunity to scope out new opportunities in your role, then have the conversation. Maybe it’s time to retrain and do something you’ve always wanted to. If there isn’t the opportunity to change your 9-5 then look at doing things outside of this. There are lots of volunteer roles that will provide rewarding experiences. If you’re creative then why not start a blog to showcase your talents or sell items on Esty or at craft fairs.

Feel Good on the Inside
How many times have you reached for the chocolate or wine after a bad day? Did you feel better or worse after? We all know that eating the wrong foods does nothing to improve our mood. By taking care of what you eat and having a balanced diet will make you feel 100% better about yourself. I’d advocate implementing the 80/20 rule. So 80% of the week eat lots of nutritious foods including vegetables, fruit, lean meats and fish with 20% of the week being treats, which could include your daily latte, a decadent dessert or quality chocolate. Set yourself a target of trying one new recipe a week using new ingredients. You’ll soon have a repository of dishes that you’ll quickly be able to cook after a busy day.

Closet Confidential
The clothes we wear ultimately define how we feel. If you aren’t wearing something you feel comfortable, sexy and confident in then this will come across to others. Take a look at your wardrobe and do an audit of what you have. How much of it is old and past it’s best or doesn’t fit anymore? Clear these out so you have space to fill it with the clothes that will become your style uniform. If you’re not sure what your style is most retailers now have either online stylists or in store personal stylists. So book yourself in with theses or hire your own personal stylist. Gain inspiration from magazines and fashion blogs. Have a look at my City Chic Pinterest board for inspiration.  Don’t feel you have to follow the trends, having a capsule wardrobe that fits your life is far better than spending money on an item that isn’t you just because it’s in fashion.

Happy to be alive quote

By doing some or all of the above you’ll soon start to feel like the old version of you. The one that shone brightly and was never dull. It’s time to show the world that you can sparkle like a diamond.

quote - you're amazing


What will you be doing to get your sparkle back?



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