After visiting Arlington Cemetery we made our way across the Arlington Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial.  There are some fabulous statues that stand at the foot of the bridge.

I’d been told that the Lincoln Memorial was large, so my expectations had somewhat been managed, but I’m not sure I imagined quite how large it would be.  The actual memorial is housed in a large stone structure and faces out down towards the reflecting pool and the Washington Memorial.  You enter the Lincoln Memorial via number of steps, many of which are crowded with people sitting on them, but when you pick your way through it is worth it.  As you enter you are greeted by Lincoln sitting proudly in his chair.

Standing at the base we didn’t even come up to the height of Lincoln’s foot.  

SBA with Lincoln

On the walls on each side of the Lincoln Memorial there is the Gettysburg address and his 2nd inaugural address.

If you are looking for souvenirs there is a cute little gift shop embedded in the corner, which sells all sorts of Lincoln items and of Washington D.C.  Leaving there is a stone that is a memorial to Martin Luther King, in the exact spot where he gave his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech.

As I mentioned in what are the ingredients for a great holiday? there are lots of repairs and building work taking place in Washington D.C. and this includes the reflecting pool.  I was disappointed that I didn’t get chance to see this.  It didn’t stop us thinking of Forrest Gump running through it to get to Jenny though.  We made our way down the steps and headed towards the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and through  Constitution Gardens to the National World War II memorial and Washington Monument.  
Lula Belle x

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