Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes is the most heartwarming and emotional book I have ever read.


Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyles

Feeling inspired to read more after my bibliotherapy session with Ella Berthoud at the Leamington Literary Salon I duly purchased the books she ‘prescribed’ and a few others that caught my eye.  This included Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes.  Having already been prescribed another book by this author, I also liked the sound of this one. Me Before You is a love story and as a true romantic I knew I’d probably like it, what I wasn’t expecting was the emotional roller-coaster it takes you on.  I started Me Before You last week, reading a little each night, and from the minute I started reading it I was gripped.

Me Before You is about a workaholic city type called Will, aged 35, who has a road accident.  This happens within the first chapter and the rest of the book explores Will’s new life. Due to the accident he becomes a quadriplegic. He moves back in with his wealthy parents and makes a life changing decision. His parents hire several companions for him, but none really survive Will’s reluctance to accept his new life.  That is until Louisa Clark steps into his life.  Expecting to keep him company through the day it takes a little time but they start to become comfortable with each other. Louisa discovers Will’s sense of humour and they form a ‘working’ relationship. As a reader I could see them falling for each other before they could. Before the accident Louisa would not have been Will’s type.  Before meeting Will, Louisa had no experience of someone in a wheelchair.  Once I had figured out how they felt about each other, I hoped this would be a wonderful love story. But the path of true love does not run smooth and they have to encounter a number of obstacles including Will’s reluctance to accept his new life & to leave the house, the wedding of his ex girlfriend, the feelings of his parents and a holiday abroad. Watching them maneuver these in their own way is what makes this book magical. Remember I said Will had made a life changing decision – Louisa becomes aware of this and tries to change it. This includes Louisa’s growing need to find out what other quadriplegics feel about their change in circumstances so that she can help Will. Will’s decision forms the focus of most of the book, which is what makes this love story all the more enduring.

Remember I said at the beginning this is the most emotional book I have ever read.  There were many times through the book that I found myself with tears but none more so than the last few chapters.  I don’t know how I actually managed to read through the floods of tears.

What I’ve learnt from Me Before You:

  • Don’t judge someone by how they look
  • No one really knows what anyone is thinking or feeling
  • When falling in love don’t have a ‘type’ as you might just be discounting ‘The One’
  • Love can happen when you least expect it
  • Be open to possibilities
  • Obstacles can be over come
  • Dealing with a new situation is tough but finding help and support from those in the same position can help

I’m not quite ready to start another book yet, as Me Before You has had such an emotional impact.


Have you read Me Before You? What were your thoughts on the book?


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