Everybody I spoke to had recommended taking a city bus tour in order to familarise ourselves with the geography of Paris.  I’m so glad that we did this as it showed me just how easy Paris is to get around.  If you are visiting on the tourist trial, which I was, then you’ll be able to see where all the sights are.  After taking the open top bus tour it enabled us to approach the following days in planned way.  What was also great about the tour was being able to see some of the sights that weren’t on our list.  It felt like we had still seen them even if we hadn’t physically gone inside.  The tour itself lasted approximately two hours, which was longer than I had thought it would be but as it was a hop on-hop off bus it had to stop at key places.  There was an audio guide that gave you the history of the places visited, which was useful.  Here is our city tour of Paris in photos:

Paris - city bus tour

If you are visiting Paris for the first time then I would definitely recommend a city bus tour.  We used Les Cars Rouges as part of the City Pass.  But if you brought a ticket on its own it would cost 15euros.  You can use this as transport between the sights all day, so this isn’t bad value at all.
Paris…..je t’aime!


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