Today is Father’s Day here in the UK. I don’t buy into the marketing hype that there should be just one day where we focus on the special people in our lives, we should be doing the everyday! I lost my Dad five years ago, but it feels like yesterday, and I would give anything to still have him with me everyday.

The popular comments in the early days were “it will get easier” and “time is a healer”. Five years on it’s not any easier but the rawness has subsided. I’m going to write a post on grief sharing my thoughts on the waves which happen for a lifetime.

I achieved many things, whilst he was still with us, and I know he was so very proud of me. The life milestones are still difficult to get through, without him, we’ve had big birthdays celebration, and my wedding, and other celebrations.

My Dad was my guiding light. I was a Daddy’s girl. I miss him every day.

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