I couldn’t visit Washington D.C. without visiting the White House.  We had seen the back as we walked from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument so I couldn’t wait to see it up close.  This must be one of the most iconic buildings in America and it one that doesn’t need an address really, as everyone knows where the White House is.  As we made our way up Pennsylvania Ave, after visiting Ford’s Theatre and the Petersen House, the White house soon came into view.  I thought it may have been larger than it was, but that a side, I did get a little bit excited at finally seeing it in person.  I love the photos of JFK and Bobby Kennedy standing on the terrace and looking out over the lawns.

We did the whole tourist thing had took our pictures in front of the House, all the time wondering who was in side and what they were doing.  There is a small park opposite the front of the White House which has some lovely sculptures in it.

We carried on down Pennsylvania Ave turning left at one of the many government buildings and made our way to the front of The White House.  There really was no point coming all this way unless we were going to see all of it.  This side was busier, probably with people walking down from the Washington Monument.

I guess The White House is one of those sights that you either want to see or not.  But if you only have a short time in Washington D.C. it is worth walking or driving by to at least say you have seen it in person.

Next stop New York, the City that never sleeps!

Lula Belle x

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