With so many demands on our time we’re all guilty of looking ahead and thinking of what’s to come.  Sometimes it’s easier to worry than to live in the moment.

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Until last year I fell into the camp of always looking ahead and trying to keep all the plates spinning. But after a life changing event I was forced to live in the moment. I had to give my full attention to a sad event which meant that nothing else mattered. I lived in an emotional bubble for about three months and when I emerged I found I had developed a new approach to compartmentalising my life.

I now find it much easier to focus my time. I feel free to revel in the good times without any added distractions. And when the bad times rear their head, I give them the time they deserve and then move on.  I’m not saying it is easy but with the tips below I hope you’ll be able to start living in the moment.

10 Tips for How to Live in the Moment

  1. Keep work life and home life separate
  2. Focus and complete one task at a time
  3. Give each task/ problem/ activity a time frame
  4. Enjoy downtime without feeling guilty
  5. Don’t dwell on the past forgive and move on
  6. Don’t worry about tomorrow
  7. Focus on each day
  8. Appreciate the little things
  9. Do one thing just for yourself each day
  10. Listen when people talk


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