My visit to New York, this Summer, really did feel like I was constantly on a film set.  There were strolls down Park Ave, 5th Avenue and through Central Park as well as visiting the New York library and riding the Staten Island Ferry.  Something else that I have always wanted to do is visit Katz’s Deli in the East Village. On my previous visit four years ago we ran out of time to visit and so this was one of the first things on my list this time.  Who can forget that famous scene from ‘When Harry met Sally’? As you can imagine my expectations were set high.

We made our way to Katz’s Deli the day we arrived in NYC.  After travelling four hours on the Greyhound, from Washington, we walked just over two and a half milesto find the Deli, from our hotel by Grand Central Station.  I am so thankful that I had brought a pop-up map, it ended up being the saviour in terms of finding the exact location of the Deli on Houston Street.  What we were greeted with is a typical NYC deli, with neon flashing signs and lots of people coming and going.  Being such a famous deli, there were lots of people
taking photos outside.

As soon as we entered we came abruptly to the end of the queue.  For all its ‘down to earth’ feel this surely is a popular deli.  I wasn’t complaining though as it gave time to decide what we were going to have. Even before we got to the Deli I had decided I was going to try the salt beef sandwich.  We had been advised to order one between two as they were so large.  It soon came to our turn and we were given a few samples of meat so that we could decide what we wanted.  Not taking the advice we had been given, I ordered a salt beef and LBA ordered brisket, which were were going to share.  

The day we visited was very busy, although I would say it is like this every day.  Whilst we were in the queue many people came in for take out which is always a good sign.  Whilst we were in the queue you can imagine my delight when we saw the sign that pointed to the table where Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan sat at, in the movie, was free. I’ve never seen SBA move so fast.

I wondered where to start with the sandwich, it really was huge.   I struggled with the amount of meat you get, I would advice (as we were) to get one between two, having said that it was the best salt beef sandwich I have ever tasted.

Visiting Katz’s Deli was another ‘To Do’ on my NYC list which I can now cross off.  For me the icing on the cake was getting to sit at, what probably is, the most famous table in NYC.  If you are a carnivore I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Katz’s Deli, not only is there a fantastic atmosphere, but it is exceptionally good value for money.

Whilst we were in Greenwich Village, we wanted to explore this area more as well as find a famous bakery.

Lula Belle x

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