As ever with exploring NYC, I find it is best to plan your days, so that you aren’t crossing the City and covering the same ground unnecessarily.  So the day we visited the 911 memorial and rode the Staten Island Ferry, we also walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

All of these are situated downtown off Broadway and within 10 – 15 minutes walk from each other. As you’ll know we took the subway downtown to lower Manhattan, it would have been too much to do all of this sightseeing and have walked from our hotel, by Grand Central Station.  We made our way from the Staten Island Ferry terminal back past the 911 Memorial, St Paul’s Chapel and Trinity Cathedral, walking up Broadway until we reached Nassau Street.  Here we found the start of the Brooklyn Bridge right by City Hall. SBA and I couldn’t resist the reference to SATC where Mr Big and Carrie eventually got married.

As we crossed the road we started our journey over the famous Brooklyn Bridge.  Whilst it was impressive as I thought it would be, there was reconstruction work taking place, so our view of the NYC skyline was restricted until you get past half way.

Then you can see the famous Manhattan skyline in all it’s glory.  As you look to your left the new tower, replacing the World Trade Centre, is visible and to the right you see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building.

It was definitely worth the two miles across the bridge to see the skyline from a different angle.  I love skylines and whilst NYC’s has changed since 911 it is still impressive.

We decided not to walk to Battery Park once we were over the bridge, having done quite a bit of walking that day and due to the heat, we just walked the Bridge.  If you are visiting NYC, I would fully recommend a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, even if you only make if half way, at least you can say you have walked it.

Lula Belle x

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