When you get unexpected sad news it really does make you stop and think. You know the saying ‘live each day as if it were your last’ I wonder how many of us actually do this? Of course I’m not advocating you quit your job and spend all your money. But there are 5 simple ways to live each day ensuring we get the most out of every day.

5 simple ways to live eacyhday

We only get one life and we should aim to live each day to the fullest. Of course your version of what that means is likely to be different to your friends. That’s completely fine because we are all individuals and life would be boring if we were all the same. Life inevitably has its ups and downs, and we can’t predict when these will occur. But as a general rule we should be thankful for our life and to smile as much as we can from sunrise to sunset.

5 Simple Ways to Live Each Day

Positive attitude – even if you have a bad day, make sure you do something to turn it around. Whether that’s an impromptu meet up with a friend, coffee and cake at your favourite coffee shop, lighting candles in your living space, going for a walk outside – the choice is yours, just don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts.

Do what you love – whether its a job or a hobby. I know we all can’t be lucky enough to be working in our dream job. So instead make sure you have something outside of work which enriches your life and provides you with a purpose.

Daily habit – make time for yourself. However busy our lives we all deserve some time to ourselves , and no matter for how long, you’ll benefit from time away from your routine.

Balanced diet – to ensure we stay healthy on the inside. Our bodies are complex and in order to work properly we need to feed it healthy and nutritious foods. If you are more mindful when you eat , you are more likely to saviour your food and therefore enjoy it more.

Be present – put down your phone or tablet. Social media and emails are far too much of a distraction these days. Instead of being ‘in conversation’ with those online, instead be present with the people around you, engage with them and enjoy their company.

As I’ve said before – there are only so many tomorrows so make sure you’re living your life now not waiting for it to happen and don’t let ‘what if’  or ‘when’ define you. There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.

Here’s a few books which will help with happiness and gratitude:

Gratitude: A Way Of Life  by Louise Hay

Instant Happy Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude and Joy by Karen Salmansohn

The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year of Living Gratefully Changed My Life by Janice Kaplan

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

Happiness by Design: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Everyday Life by Paul Dolan

Beyond Happiness: The Trap of Happiness and How to Find Deeper Meaning and Joy by Anthony Seldon

(Click on the links to buy)

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