I know many of us suffer from the January Blues. The excitement of festive holidays are over, we’re a little shorter of money, the weather is cold, and the days are still short. We’re still in the middle of winter which in itself can be as wonderful as any other season if you learn how to beat the January blues and embrace the fabulousness of the season.

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How to Beat the January Blues

Make the most of the daylight – nothing beats the joy of being outside and by incorporating the outdoors into your exercise you will feel exhilarated. This is about making the most of the daylight hours and getting up off your chair. Even if you do as little as spend 30 minutes three times a week walking outside during your lunch break. Or during the weekend spend time exploring a heritage site or a country walk. You’ll soon start to feel the benefits of the fresh air.

Be more spontaneous – take the opportunity of a quieter month to do things that you may not always have time for or that you have always been meaning to do. Write six of them down and then role a dice to decide each week for six weeks what you’ll be doing. The joys of being more spontaneous are far reaching and hopefully you’ll start to incorporate this as a regular part of your life.

Write down your priorities for the year – whether this is taking up a new hobby, finding a new job, deciding to volunteer, letting go of fear , or finally finding your life balance . By spending a bit of time deciding how you want to develop yourself or spend your time will provide you with a focus for the year. I’ve set my five priorities for 2106 and I’m already incorporating these into my life.

Plan your travel for the year – perhaps this year is the year to go away for a long weekend every month instead of the annual two week holiday. There are many sites offering cost effective travel options and it’s a great way to explore more of the UK and Europe. If a long haul holiday is still your dream, why not look for something different this year for example a cruise, two city location, or travel an entire country.

Declutter your home – of all those unwanted items that no longer spark joy. This is more radical than just tackling your wardrobe, this is about tackling every corner of your home. The lightweight feeling of not having unwanted items around you is so exhilarating. Once you start decluttering you won’t be able to stop.

Starting eating mindfully – stop finishing the festive left overs and re-focus on your food choices. Eating a balanced diet which includes foods which WOW your taste buds providing variety in your diet will mean you won’t get bored. And by slowing down to enjoy your meals will only enhance the experience of eating mindfully .


Together we will banish those January blues.

The winter blues is a feeling of depression or deep unhappiness associated with experiencing the cold and darkness of winter


Have you got anything you’d add to the list above?


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