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Well I can guarantee it won’t be the same as your friends or the person standing next to you. And you know what, that’s perfectly OK. We all get caught up in the comparison trap, but that just puts unnecessary obstacles on your path to success.

My Story

By day I’m a marcomms professional and love the variety of my job. I decided on marketing as a career while studying business. I was sitting in a marketing lecture and a switch went on and a light bulb moment happened. Since then I’ve not looked back. I set myself a career goal and, whilst it may have taken me longer to achieve than I thought, I’m nearly there. This has been achieved through hard work spending time learning and developing my skills. There’s been a few bumps along the way, which has taught me a lot about how others react to my success.

Fours years ago I started GitC. Both myself and the blog have grown in that time. The digital landscape is constantly changing and over the last three years I’ve spent time learning how to improve the blog. right from the start I set myself goals that I wanted to achieve, and as I meet one, I set another. If I take a step back the blog is a success in it’s current form, but I’m not one to stand still. I’m always wanting to make improvements.

Looking Ahead

Striving to achieve the goals I set out for myself is what keeps me motivated to succeed. I also know that it will take extra time and effort. Nothing comes easy but I’m prepared to keep going. Through the inevitable ups and downs that will occur I’m staying focused on my goals.

My Tips To Achieving Success

  1. Write down your goal/s
  2. Develop a plan of action
  3. Be prepared to make side ways moves
  4. Learn from mistakes
  5. Make time to learn new skills
  6. Find a mentor
  7. Stay focused

And finally a few tips from some people who have achieved great success…..

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