Enriching Your Life


I’ve always tried to live an enriched life doing things that I love whether by myself, with friends or family.  I recently wrote about creating the life you want and to me having an enriched life is to live the life you love. We only get one life and I firmly believe we should make it the […]

Precious Moments

The capacity to measure time is one of the most important human achievements.  From clocks to calendars our being is governed by the passing of time.   As a child I remember the days, weeks, months and years seemed to go on forever, but as an adult I know how quickly time can pass. I […]

The Little Things in Life

More and more I’m realising that it is the little things in life that bring comfort and joy.  We all have moments where something or someone will bring a smile to our face. The simple everyday pleasures such as spending time with family & friends, taking time out for ourselves or revealing in nature, make us […]

A Day in Chipping Campden, Costwolds

Chipping Campden, Cotswolds

With a day unexpectedly free I decided to make a trip over to Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds.  A place that I usually visit many times a year, it dawned on me that I hadn’t visited at all this year.  In fact the only time I have been to the Cotswolds this year was for […]

Lake District Retreat

I felt like a few indulgent days away on my own.  Somewhere I could relax, take stock and plan for what will be a busy autumn.  I could easily have chosen the Cotswolds, as I love it so much, but decided I should venture a little further a field.  Having been to Cornwall the week […]

Cotswold Lavender

Is lavender natures healer? I absolutely love the smell of lavender, it is one of my favourite smells.  I’ve had lavender plants in my garden for three years now, pruning them each autumn and praying that they make it through the winter, which they have done so far.  If I am struggling to sleep, I […]


Where do you look for your garden inspiration? On Saturday I found myself with a whole day free due to all previous plans being postponed. I had been telling Mum about my change of circumstances and that I was wondering what to do with myself, when she suggested we visit another National Trust property.  Last […]


Can anything beat a day in the English countryside? #2 You’ll know from are these the first signs of Spring? and can anything beat a day in the English countryside? #1 that I love nothing more than spending the day in the English countryside, especially Warwickshire and Gloucestershire.  Having taken the day off on Monday to […]