Does Your Clutter Spark Joy?

Items in my Chic and Creative Home Office

I’ve shared with you my 10 tips for decluttering which has helped me to start to declutter my home. However, I do this in fits and starts never yet fully completing it. But recently I’ve been reading the buzz around Japanese declutter guru Marie Kondo and whether my belongs spark joy. Marie is a professional cleaning consultant who founded the KonMari […]

How to Beat the January Blues

I know many of us suffer from the January Blues. The excitement of festive holidays are over, we’re a little shorter of money, the weather is cold, and the days are still short. We’re still in the middle of winter which in itself can be as wonderful as any other season if you learn how […]

Marilyn Monroe New Year Resolutions

Fragments by Marilyn Monroe

Last week I talked about how to find happiness this year and whilst re-reading ‘fragments – poems, intimate notes, letters by Marilyn Monroe’ Marilyn’s note from 1955 stood out. It was a list of things that she wanted to make an effort to do. These were Marilyn Monroe New Year resolutions. Fragments is a collection […]

The Key to Mindful Eating

The Key to Mindful Eating - eating at the table

Before I ask this question I have a fair idea of what your answer will be – How many times in a week do you sit down and savor a meal? Maybe two to three? With the hectic pace of life many of us graze ‘on the hoof’ grabbing something quickly because we need fuel, […]

Finding Happiness in Life

Here we are again at the start of a new and exciting year with 366 blank pages (2016 being a leap year) to fill with hopes, dreams & desires. All the things you want to achieve to find happiness in life. I believe in being more focused than just coming up with the same resolutions year in […]

Selfish Vs Self Love 

Is taking time for yourself being selfish or an act of self love? It’s an interesting question which has cropped up in conversation a few times in recent weeks. My conclusion is that we all deserve to be happy and live a fulfilled life. However, throughout our lives we play many different roles, and I’m learning it’s […]

Motivational Monday – Joy

Christmas decoration with the word Joy written on it

Motivational Monday – JOY – one word to inspire your month. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It’s a time of year where if you’re not careful you get caught up in the commercialisation of the season and forget to stop and relish in the joy of this amazing time of year. Do […]

5 Hours in Monaco

View of Port Hercules, Monaco

Having visited Monaco three times previously, I felt qualified to act as an unofficial tour guide to my friend Pip, who was making her first visit. The Principality of Monaco is where you’ll find fast cars, magnificent yachts, designer boutiques and Circuit de Monaco, as well as many amazing architecture and cultural sights. With only […]