Last week I shared my 7 Tips for Defining Your Style Uniform.  Having previously defined my style uniform as City Chic I’ve recently been refining this. Along the way what I have come to understand is when I’m wearing something which I feel fabulous in, it certainly makes me more confident. If I were to give one rule that would underline you developing your own style uniform it would be – only wear clothes that make you feel 100% confident – because how you feel on the inside will show on the outside.

Gerry Weber animal print jacquard dress

As I mentioned, I have recently been refining my choices within my City Chic style.  I felt I needed to add a few items which give me more versatility for the things that I spend my time doing.  In particular having outfits which can take me from the office to an evening event with little more than the addition of a necklace, clutch or change of shoe.  For this I have stepped out of my usual shape of tailoring.  When it comes to colour I have always felt much more comfortable in neutrals.  Which is great in the winter but I have in the past felt I should wear more colour in the summer.  What I have now come to realise is I don’t have to change my style uniform with the seasons, more I just have to change the fabrics. Below are the items that make up my City Chic style uniform.

My City Chic Style Uniform

Colours – black, grey, camel, cream, navy, mulberry

Pattern – leopard, stripes, dots

Outerwear – trench coats, collarless coats

Jackets – fitted blazers, tux

Tops – fine knit jumpers, plain silk t-shirts, Bretons

Trousers – ankle grazers, cigarette, wide leg, culottes

Skirts – pencil

Dresses – shift, tunic, wrap

Shoes – ballet pumps, loafers, suede boots

Handbags – totes, cross over, clutch

Jewelry – ball studs, Tiffany bracelets, diamond rings, chunky chokers, long necklaces

On my journey, to define my style uniform, I’ve discovered that it is the little details that say a lot – whether it’s the cut of a garment, the stitching, or the fabric.  As you define your style uniform and build your own capsule wardrobe, remember to buy the best that you can afford.


Have you defined your style uniform yet?


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