I’ve been working over the last year at defining my personal style.  I’ve previously described my style as City Chic and is more towards the Parisian style of dressing rather than being a follower of fashion.  Along this journey I have been aiming for a more capsule wardrobe with clothes that suit my body shape and provide versatility.  What this has lead me to is the creation of my own style uniform. But what is a style uniform and how do you achieve it?

Gerry Weber animal print jacquard dress

A style uniform is your go to style.  In essence it is your signature style.  For example this might be Parisian chic, masculine tailoring, or vintage.   Having a style uniform should make you feel confident in anything you wear and also eliminates those ‘I have nothing to wear moments’.  The key to any style uniform is having the staple basics in which to create a variety of outfits.   Having a defined style will enable you to create a capsule wardrobe. As you’ll be wearing your clothes more, it is worthwhile investing in quality garments, not only will you feel more confident but they will also last longer.  This doesn’t mean top to toe designer, just mix up high street with high end as well as a few well chosen designer pieces.  Your style uniform may start to develop through a particular shape of garment, colour scheme or pattern.  A style uniform should also transcend the seasons.  For example if you prefer neutrals just change the fabrics for each season.

Here are my 7 Tips for Defining Your Personal Style Uniform

  1. Set a side at least a couple of hours and audit your current clothes/ accessories
  2. Write down what you have, you might start to see a pattern
  3. If you don’t see a pattern, start a column for the items you like the most
  4. Using this list identify which items make you feel confident and those which don’t
  5. Remove any items from your wardrobe that don’t appear on the confident list
  6. Start to build outfit options by trying on your clothes
  7. Identify the gaps so you can start to build your style uniform capsule wardrobe

The key to defining your style uniform is to remember only wear what makes you feel confident. Don’t feel like you need to be a follower of fashion.  There’s lots of places you can look for outfit inspiration such as Pinterest, magazines and blogs. I’ve found looking at these have helped develop my style uniform.

Are you ready to define your style uniform?

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