Oreo Chocolate Truffles

Tray of Oreo Chocolate Truffles

I tried this Oreo Chocolate Truffle recipe over the festive season and gave them as little homemade gifts. They got rave reviews. From the truffle texture you wouldn’t know the main two ingredients were Oreo cookies and cream cheese. They are melt in the mouth moorish and perfect as a homemade present. These Oreo Chocolate […]

14 Ways to Celebrate Being Single on Valentines Day

14 Ways To Celebrate Being Single on Valentines Day

Valentines Day. The most romantic day of the year. It’s a day where couples show the world how utterly in love they are. But how accurate is this? As a singleton you’ll see all degrees of ‘romantic’ gestures but do you really know how many of these couples are truly happy? Of course you don’t, which is […]

Vintage Treasures

Pink Champagne glasses

I love finding vintage treasures.  Whether I’m looking for a particular item or just having a browse, it doesn’t take much for me to loose hours looking in vintage and antique shops. Some of my vintage treasures belonged to family members, most though are what I have brought myself over the years. I have a […]

Five Tips To Get Your Sparkle Back

Happy to be alive quote

There have been times, over the years, when I didn’t quite feel like me anymore. To start with I couldn’t quite define what was wrong. Then gradually I realised what it was. I had lost my sparkle. My bubbles. My effervescence. My glow. Just like diamonds each and everyone of us are precious and deserve […]

Creating a Chic and Creative Home Office

Home Office

For most of last year I had wanted to change my home work environment into a chic and creative home office.  What I had wasn’t working for me and it certainly didn’t inspire me.  I turned to Pinterest and started pinning ideas for home offices.  It soon became evident what style of home office I […]

My Weekly Finds No.14


After two weeks of days spent with family and friends plus doing as little as possible it was back to the daily routine last week.  Just as the week began it suddenly seemed to come to an end, I hope it’s not a sign of how quickly another year might pass.  Whilst it seemed to […]

Life Lately

Frosty Cobweb

After the rush to finish for the holiday season, life lately has seen me slowing down and indulging in quality time with family and friends. I was lucky to enjoy two weeks of late nights and lazy mornings, with no alarm to wake up to. It was pure bliss.  Over the festive days we got […]

SMART Goals 2015

Inspirational Quote

Last year I wrote about the the importance of setting SMART goals.  These are more focused than resolutions, which let’s face it most people give up on before the end of January.  A SMART goal is one that is targeted and will make a change to your life. Here’s a recap of my SMART goals […]