Cornwall Re-visited

This summer I enjoyed five fabulous days in Cornwall on a family break.  I was really looking forward to it as I haven’t visited Cornwall for many years.  It holds such wonderful memories as it was the destination of many family holidays when I was growing up. Back then there were usually two to three […]

Views from the Eiffel Tower

When we first came upon the Eiffel Tower I was a little under whelmed.  It seemed small but then Pippa reminded me that I’m used to the big sky scrappers and buildings in America.  In comparison, yes, the Eiffel Tower is smaller, but over the four days it grew on me, and by the end […]

Paris City Bus Tour

Everybody I spoke to had recommended taking a city bus tour in order to familarise ourselves with the geography of Paris.  I’m so glad that we did this as it showed me just how easy Paris is to get around.  If you are visiting on the tourist trial, which I was, then you’ll be able […]

First trip to Paris

The anticipation had been building, for many months, and finally I made my first trip to Paris last weekend. Having talked to friends and read lots of blogs I felt fully informed about what to expect and what I should do. Pippa and I had an early start from London which saw us at St Pancreas […]

Cambridge Massachusetts

Previously when I visited Boston, on a New England tour, we spent a short time in Cambridge and of course at Harvard.  I loved the feel of this area and was very pleased to re-visit on our holiday last year.  I don’t know about you, but when I have visited a place and get a […]

Old Town Trolley’s Ghost Tour Boston

I promised to finish by posts from our summer holiday in Boston last year.  I left you last when we had been in Salem for the day and so were suitably in the mood for spooks and ghosts.  We decided to end the day with an evening ghost tour. This would involve touring the darker side of Boston.  We […]

Dreaming of Paris

I mentioned that one of my new experiences, this summer, will be visiting Paris for the first time. Since I saw those last two episodes of Sex and the City, with Carrie in Paris, I have wanted to visit. Up until then Paris had not come across my radar, sure friends and family had visited coming […]

Houghton Revisited

Last month I spent a glorious weekend, visiting with my close friend, in Norfolk.  Having met at college I’ve been visiting for many years but we are always looking for something new to experience.  We are still amazed at how many places in and around North Norfolk that we still haven’t visited.  I put a […]