There’s No Place Like Home

New York, London, Paris, Rome are all very well, but this is home

After her travels along the yellow brick road, Dorothy may well have been right in saying…..There’s No Place Like Home. I love to travel and whether it’s a weekend away, a shortbreak or weeks at a time I always like coming home. As I step through my front door there’s a sense of familiarity and […]

Feeling Energised

Early morning

For the last two weeks I have been enjoying a new morning routine which is leaving me feeling energised.  I’ve previously written about my 10 Top Tips to Re-energise Your Life and along with my new routine, over the last few months, I’ve been taking my own advice enjoying having fun and re-energising my life. […]

My Style Uniform

Last week I shared my 7 Tips for Defining Your Style Uniform.  Having previously defined my style uniform as City Chic I’ve recently been refining this. Along the way what I have come to understand is when I’m wearing something which I feel fabulous in, it certainly makes me more confident. If I were to […]

7 Tips for Defining Your Style Uniform

I’ve been working over the last year at defining my personal style.  I’ve previously described my style as City Chic and is more towards the Parisian style of dressing rather than being a follower of fashion.  Along this journey I have been aiming for a more capsule wardrobe with clothes that suit my body shape […]

Ten Tips for a Good Life Balance

Happiness quote

Following on from last week where we looked at How to Live a Balanced Life, I’m going to share with you how you can stay focused by providing you with ten top tips for a good life balance.  These are designed to enable you to find more time for the priorities you have set yourself in order […]

How to Live a Good Balanced Life

Happiness quotes

A few months ago I wrote about my own life balance and how for most of last year I found it hard to achieve. What I’ve learnt, like anything in life, it takes work to create a life that makes you happy and fulfilled.  How to live a good balanced life isn’t about looking at […]

10 Tips for Decluttering

I don’t know about you but I’ve been itching to have a declutter for weeks.  Ever since the beginning of March when we started to have slightly warmer weather and sporadic days of sunshine.  All Winter I’ve felt a heavy weight of unwanted items in my home that I desperately wanted to clear.  But whenever […]

Chocolate Caramel Brownies

I like brownies but I can often be disappointed by them.  The ones that I have found to be the best have been made by independent bakeries or patisseries.  Until a month ago it is not something that I had attempted to bake myself.  My first attempt wasn’t too bad, they had the brownie top, but […]