Katz’s Deli New York

My visit to New York, this Summer, really did feel like I was constantly on a film set.  There were strolls down Park Ave, 5th Avenue and through Central Park as well as visiting the New York library and riding the Staten Island Ferry.  Something else that I have always wanted to do is visit […]

Packwood House

Can anything beat a walk in the countryside? I love nothing more than spending time in the English countryside and enjoying everything that is has to offer.  I thought I’d grab the opportunity, before the winter sets in, to explore more of the Warwickshire countryside.  Having seen many tweets from the National Trust about their Great […]

Central Park

I love Central Park.  I have been lucky enough to see it basking in summer sunshine and glistening in winter.  I have taken a carriage ride through the Park and not even the rain couldn’t dampened our enthusiasm   I snapped some amazing photos (I’ll share these with you at some point) which I wouldn’t have got if the […]

The Brooklyn Bridge

As ever with exploring NYC, I find it is best to plan your days, so that you aren’t crossing the City and covering the same ground unnecessarily.  So the day we visited the 911 memorial and rode the Staten Island Ferry, we also walked the Brooklyn Bridge. All of these are situated downtown off Broadway and […]

Staten Island Ferry

I’m a bit smitten by the movies and admit to liking a good romcom.  This trip to NYC was going to include a few movie related excursions including Katz’s Deli, breakfast at Tiffany’s and riding the Staten Island Ferry. There are many movies and television programmes where the characters have used the Ferry but the […]

911 Memorial

I have visited NYC three times since 911. The first time was three months after the attacks and there were barriers around the site with posters on them asking for information on loved ones.  It was a very emotional visit and one that I will never forget.  On that first visit we went across the […]

New York City

Can a city loose it’s sparkle? I was really looking forward to coming back to New York City (NYC).  It has been nearly four years since I last visited, that time it was winter, just before Thanksgiving, so everywhere was getting ready for the holiday season and so feeling very festive.  On that trip I […]

The White House

I couldn’t visit Washington D.C. without visiting the White House.  We had seen the back as we walked from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument so I couldn’t wait to see it up close.  This must be one of the most iconic buildings in America and it one that doesn’t need an address really, […]