Walking Boston’s Freedom Trail

At this time of year I can’t help but think about New England and particularly Boston.  I, first, visited about eight years ago and spent a day discovering the City and drinking far too many spiced pumpkin lattes.  So, on my most recent trip to Boston, last summer I was keen to explore more of the […]

Cambridge Massachusetts

Previously when I visited Boston, on a New England tour, we spent a short time in Cambridge and of course at Harvard.  I loved the feel of this area and was very pleased to re-visit on our holiday last year.  I don’t know about you, but when I have visited a place and get a […]

Old Town Trolley’s Ghost Tour Boston

I promised to finish by posts from our summer holiday in Boston last year.  I left you last when we had been in Salem for the day and so were suitably in the mood for spooks and ghosts.  We decided to end the day with an evening ghost tour. This would involve touring the darker side of Boston.  We […]

Salem Massachusetts

One of the places we all wanted to visit on our trip to Boston, was the historic town of Salem.  Famed for the Salem Witch Trials, we wanted to see for ourselves whether this New England town is living in the past.  We decided to travel to Salem via the Salem Ferry, but you can […]

Boston Massachusetts

Is it worth re-visiting a City? I last visited Boston as part of a tour to New England in the Fall.  Boston was one of the stops in which we spent a day exploring the City.  I loved it and was excited to make a return journey for four and a half days, last summer, […]