I love filling my house with flowers.  Every other week I’ll buy two bunches and dot them around either the living room, hall, dining room or kitchen.  I also like displaying them in different containers.  For the last couple of months, in preparation for Spring, I have been buying Tulips and Stocks.  This year, for the first time, I have managed to keep my Tulips standing tall and they have lasted for approximately two weeks.

Spring Flowers (19)
Spring Flowers (12)

I’ve never brought Stocks before, but I will from now on, the aroma they produce is totally gorgeous.  Plus I love the vibrant colours.  They also last very well, my current bunch is on week three.

Spring Flowers (7)
Spring Flowers (6)

I brought this Hyacinth after buying a lovely glass pot from Hatton & Harding, it seemed the perfect match.

Spring Flowers (26)
Spring Flowers (21)

Inside, at least, it has really felt like Spring has sprung.


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