Last Saturday I watched Saturday Kitchen LIVE from behind the camera. It was great to see behind the scenes of Saturday Kitchen.. After the cameras finished filming my SIL and I got to take part in our own omelette challenge with James Martin as our judge.

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As a competitive person I was determined to beat my SIL at the omelette challenge.  As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ so on the Friday night I brought a dozen eggs and practiced making three egg omelettes.  My strategy was going to be to go for a time.  It was certainly never going to be the finest omelette in the world. Having shared a few texts with my SIL the competition was on, but when I asked her on the train if she had practiced, she hadn’t. I knew I was going to win.

Before we started our omelette challenge James reminded us of the rules.  Then we were off.  I dived into the butter, which wasn’t very pleasant, and threw it into the frying pan.  While I was busy cracking my three eggs, throwing the shells all over the counter, James had to step in and swish my butter around the frying pan as I’d forgotten about it.  A bit of seasoning and I was ready to put the eggs into the frying pan. I instantly grabbed a whisk, as this is what I’d seen the chefs doing, and started to furiously mix the egg. At this point everyone started to shout that it would be scrambled egg, but I was going for a time and it look OK to me. All the time I was doing this I could see my SIL was cool, calm and collected and was trying to make the perfect omelette.

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I wanted to beat Glynn Purnell’s time of 23.52 – although he was disqualified as James deemed it scrambled egg. Whilst my omelette was probably half omelette and half scrambled egg I still made a great time of 34.54. So in theory I beat Glynn and it put me between Pierre Koffman (33.60) and Mark Hix (35.20). My SIL wanted to beat Ken Hom’s time and at 42.42 she certainly did beat his time of over a minute. That put her between Simon Hulstone (38.76) and Bill Granger (53.64).

Saturday Kitchen Omelette Challenge (5)Saturday Kitchen Omelette Challenge (30)

We both thoroughly enjoyed the omelette challenge and to be fair I think our approach to it shows our approach to cooking.  My SIL is a great cook and will spend hours preparing a fantastic meal, where as I throw everything in and hope for the best.

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If you love the omelette challenge and want to beat your food hero, then you can take part in the Saturday Kitchen Live sessions at the BBC Good Food Show Summer 12 – 16 June at the NEC, Birmingham. Don’t forget you can get 15% off standard ticket prices with the code GC15.

We had a cracking time……. during our omelette challenge!


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