On Friday I had the pleasure of being invited, as a guest of Warwick Rocks, to the inaugural Pride of Warwick District Awards.  There aren’t many things that will tear me away from watching Andy Murray play the semi-final at Wimbledon, but a night of glamour and supporting friends is surely one.  The Pride of Warwick District Awards were hosted by 102touchfM and a celebration of the best achievements, with truly inspirational stories, in business and the community in the Warwick District.  I was there to support both Warwick Rocks, who were finalists in Team of the Year, and the gorgeous Hatton and Harding, who were finalists for Town Centre Business of the Year.

Pride of Warwick District Awards 2013

Arriving at the awards ceremony I bumped into David, Jerry (Hatton and Harding) and the lovely Karen Massey on the red carpet.  Taking a glass of bubbly it wasn’t long till we found the Warwick Rocks team. Everyone looked lovely.  The gentlemen were all looking very dapper and the ladies looked lovely in their evening dresses.  There was much anticipation as to what the the night would hold.  Having seen Hatton and Harding grow into a successful business over the last two years and the achievements of Warwick Rocks over the last year, I was hugely confident that both would be walking away with a coveted star award.

Pride of Warwick District Awards 2013 1

The evening started with a wonderful four course meal, over which there was much chatter. There was a great atmosphere in the room and everyone was enjoying the build up to the award announcements.  After the short speeches from the, local MP, guest speakers it was onto the main event of the evening.

Pride of Warwick District Awards 2013 3

The Town Centre Business Initiative of the Year was the third award to be announced.  As the three finalists were read out I crossed my fingers for David and Jerry.  When Hatton and Harding were announced as the winners our table erupted in applause.  We were all so very proud and happy for them.  They really have built up a wonderful business but also are firmly part of the Warwick community.  This inaugural Pride of Warwick District Town Centre Business Initiative of the Year Award could not have gone to a more deserving couple with the most fabulous business.

Pride of Warwick District Awards 2013 Hatton and Harding
Hatton and Harding, Town Centre Initiative of the Year

Next up was the Team of the Year Award.  Again fingers were crossed for the Warwick Rocks Team. Unfortunately they didn’t win, however, I can reveal that the Warwick Rocks Team went on to win a Special Award for their work in, literally, making Warwick Rock!  Again there was much applause.  It’s fantastic what the team have done in such a short amount of time.  The Warwick Rocks brand was created by Jack Linstead (holding the award) and is now a team of five people who are looking to put on Warwick’s inaugural Warwick Rocks Food and Film Festival.  I’m really looking forward to the Festival and it will definitely be the highlight of the summer in Warwick

Pride of Warwick District Awards 2013 - Warwick Rocks team
Warwick Rocks team, Special Award ‘for making Warwick Rock’

There were a further nine awards presented and all had wonderful stories behind them.  It is fantastic to see so many people and businesses being recognised for their hard work and commitment.  After the award presentations everyone met up again and there were many hugs of congratulations.  There was definitely a lot of love in the air.  I was certainly very proud to be part of the celebrations and to see friends win their awards.

Here’s to celebrating success and making…..Warwick Rock!


Images are from 102touchfm

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