Life lately has been busy and it wasn’t until Easter that I was able to stop and take a breath. The last few months have felt like they were never going to end. Just like a merry go round I kept whizzing through the days and weeks, just waiting for things to some to a holt.

Through February and March the day job has been busier than ever before, with many trips to London for meetings and events. One particular day I was over optimistic that I’d be able to fit in three meetings all around the Green Park area. With no more than 15 minutes commute between each, things would have worked out if the first meeting didn’t over run and if Google hadn’t taken me the long route for the second one! But when I get to walk past  landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, even at a fast pace, I can still appreciate how wonderful London is.

Even though I was busy during the day I was still working at keeping up my blogging schedule – that was until I hit a technical problem towards the end of February. I started to question why I was trying to keep all the plates spinning. At first I was really frustrated that I couldn’t post to the blog and stopped writing as I couldn’t see the point, if I couldn’t press publish. So I stopped writing. Literally. And it was scary. There haven’t  been that many times since I started blogging, four and a half years ago, when I haven’t blogged. But as the month wore on I felt a little liberated. I wasn’t trying to do it all – it felt freeing. But then I got scared once more. What if I didn’t get the urge to write again? So I put fingers to keys and typed a post. It went live. Then I had another technical problem. More worry. That’s the thing with technology, it’s great when it works. Things are all sorted now thanks to the lovely people at The Magic Tractor who pulled me out my technical ditch.

love the words
Then came Traverse 16, a travel blogging conference which this year was held in Cardiff. This came just at the right time. It’s reignited my passion for writing and has given me new ideas for the blog. And even a book. I know, I’m super excited. It was great to meet up with blogging friends as well as to meet new bloggers. I had time to explore Cardiff City and the Gower Peninsula – posts to follow.

opening introduction to the Traverse conference 2016
So, I apologise that there has been less posts than normal, but at least now you know why. I’ve now got quite a bit to update you on, through which I will continue to inspire you to enrich your life.

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