I love taking photos of the world around me.  So when I was invited by Visit Birmingham to join them on their inaugural Instameet I immediately said yes.  How could I pass up spending time taking photos of one of my favourite cities.  But what is an Instameet I hear you cry.  It’s a way of bringing people with a passion for photography together to explore/ share ideas and images which get posted on Instagram.  However in the case of Visit Birmingham it went beyond this.

Budding photographers on the inaugral Visit Birmingham Instameet outside the Library of Birmingham

Our Instameet starting point was the new Library of Birmingham.  Thankfully the Visit Birmingham team had chosen a sensible hour of the morning to meet.  They couldn’t have chosen a better day as we were blessed with beautiful blue skies and crisp weather.  Perfect for taking photos.  Even on my way to the Instameet I couldn’t help but stop and take a few photos of how glorious Birmingham looked in the winter sunshine.

Church in central Birmingham


Arriving at The Library of Birmingham there were approximately 30 people all as eager as myself to hear what exactly we would be taking photos of.  Emma Gray, Director of Marketing Services at Visit Birmingham gave a brief introduction to the Instameet which she said was a great way of reaching and engaging with millions of potential visitors worldwide, and providing them with a genuine insight into the city’s architecture, culture and its people.  Explaining why they had chosen this particular route – which was to capture the changing landscape of Birmingham and some of the City’s prized landmarks. She then announced that the photographs of this and future Instameets will be the part of an exhibition at the Ikon Gallery in a first-of-its-kind pop-up exhibition entitled ‘More Birmingham Instagram Showcase’.

With that exciting piece of news its was time to get the Instameet underway.  Armed with maps of our route we were led by photographer and architect Tim Cornbill to capture Birmingham in all its ‘reflective’ glory.  To add a bit of a competitive element, the photos taken on the day were going to be judged by Tim and there were prizes to be won.

Inaugural Visit Birmingham Instameet, Birmingham

Lula Belle from Glamour in the County taking photos on Visit Birmingham's Instamet, Birmingham

The Instameet focused particularly on capturing some of the city’s key locations for the final time, following a year of city centre-wide transformation including the £500 million Paradise redevelopment. Chamberlain Square, Fletchers Walk, and the old Library of Birmingham were some of the venues central to the social event.

Here are some of my photographs of  Birmingham in all its reflective glory.

Close up of the library of birminghamStreet light reflecting in a puddle, Instameet, BirminghamHyatt reflecting a building in BirminghamBMAG refelected in a pond, BirminghamMural painted on the side of Birmingham Library, Birmingham Mural painted on the side of Birmingham Library, Birmingham staircase within a building in Birminghamreflections in a puddle at Paradise Circus, Birmingham

Even though I had three pairs of fingerless gloves on and my astrakhan fur coat after two hours of standing still taking photos I was cold. Thankfully we were headed to Coast to Coast to warm up. Over pink lemonade and warm pretzels it was also a chance to have a look at the photos on Instagram. I don’t envy Tim judging them there are some great photos.

Pink lemonade at Coast to Coast in Birmingham

warm pretzel at Coast to Coast in Birmingham

I really enjoyed exploring parts of Birmingham that I’d not previously been to.  It was quite liberating being out for the sole purpose of taking photos.  It was also great to catch up with my blogging buddies Alev and Emily Jayne.

Alev, Emily Jayne and Lula Belle at the inaugral Visit Birmingham Instameet

If you want to see the photos taken on the Instameet, head over to Instagram and search for:

Glamour in the County, Instameet, Birmingham

I’ll be keeping you updated on the pop-up exhibition entitled ‘More Birmingham Instagram Showcase’ at the internationally acclaimed Ikon Galleryfrom 27 – 29 November 2015.


Have you been on an Instameet? What was your theme?


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