Stratford Butterfly Farm

Glasswing, Stratford Butterfly Farm

Having made the decision to make time to improve my photography, this year, one of my latest trips was to Stratford Butterfly Farm in Stratford upon Avon.  I was keen to practice my macro photography and knew this would be the perfect place.  I spent a couple of hours getting up close and personal to […]

Charlecote at Dawn

Charlecote at Dawn

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the Charlecote Park – Deer at Dawn.  Being up and about before the dawn sunrise was a first for a long time, but it reminded me how much beauty I miss out on.  Waiting for night to become day was invigorating and brought with it an eagerness […]

Follies at Packwood

Packwood, Warwickshire

I’m glad to say, even though autumn has taken it’s grip, I’m still remembering summer days out. I love spending time with my nephews and late in the summer we spent the afternoon exploring the Follies at Packwood in Warwickshire. The Follies were produced by Hilary Jack, who had been commissioned by Packwood, creating the mystical, […]