One Word to Define My Year

Well I’ve survived the first week of January and I still feel relaxed! Whilst the holiday glow is gradually starting to recede, I have to say I’ve managed to maintain a feeling of balanced wellbeing. Last year I set myself 5 priorities which I wanted to guide my year. I have to say I achieved 4 out of […]

Being a Grown-up

early morning on the ocean

It dawned on me recently, when I had to make a big decision, how I actually hadn’t made any big life decision entirely by myself. I thought ‘so this is what it feels like to really be a grown-up’. We’re expected to make our first life decision around age 18 when we have to decide which […]

Living in the Moment

Trees, clouds and blue skies

Lately I’ve been enjoying living in the moment rather than instantly thinking about capturing moments on camera or frantically writing things down. There have been evenings where I’ve got home, from a night/ day out, and realised I hadn’t whipped my phone out to get that perfect Instagram worthy photo. I’ve enjoyed, and let others […]

A Change of Pace

Regular readers may have noticed, although I realise there has been a lot going on in the UK in the last month that I will forgive you if you haven’t, that I have been posting less often. I’ve been quietly trying to work out what direction to take with the blog and my social media. […]

Life Lately

Hatton Locks Canal in Warwickshire

After a busy start to the year, with the day job, I’ve certainly made up for it over the last few months. I’d decided all work and no play was not achieving the balanced life I craved. So I got planning and booked in lots of activities with family, friends as well as a few […]

How to Get the Most out of a Conference

Whenever I attend an event, meeting or conference, if I come away with at least one or two take aways (not the food kind unfortunately) then I’m happy. Last weekend I attended one of the best travel blogging conferences in the UK, Traverse. I first attended the conference two years ago when it was held […]

Life Lately…..A Merry Go Round

Life lately has been busy and it wasn’t until Easter that I was able to stop and take a breath. The last few months have felt like they were never going to end. Just like a merry go round I kept whizzing through the days and weeks, just waiting for things to some to a […]

Does Your Clutter Spark Joy?

Items in my Chic and Creative Home Office

I’ve shared with you my 10 tips for decluttering which has helped me to start to declutter my home. However, I do this in fits and starts never yet fully completing it. But recently I’ve been reading the buzz around Japanese declutter guru Marie Kondo and whether my belongs spark joy. Marie is a professional cleaning consultant who founded the KonMari […]