Bottomless Brunch at The One Elm

Bottomless Brunch at The One Elm, Stratford upon Avon

I have a confession…brunch has become one of my favourite foodie things to do, these days it is piping the post above afternoon tea. With a more balanced and healthier lifestyle, I feel I can indulge in a fabulous brunch without the guilt of excess sugar. That was until I tried the bottomless brunch at The One Elm […]

Brunch at Beefeater Bar + Block

Avocado and Poached Egg at Beefeater Bar + Block, Birmingham

If I’m eating in a chain restaurant, then I’m picky about which ones. So when I got an email* about the new concept from Beefeater Bar + Block it intrigued me to want to find out more. Bar + Block is seeking to introduce a new type of dining onto the Birmingham food scene. With it’s […]

Breakfast at The Wolseley

The Wolseley, London

I recently wrote about 5 Michelin restaurants I wanted to eat at, well on Good Friday I made a trip down to London to enjoy breakfast at The Wolseley. It’s no secret that I enjoy a good brunch and as I was looking for something different to do, over the Easter weekend, I thought having breakfast at The […]

Five Michelin Restaurants Where I Want to Eat

The Bluebell, Henley in Arden

There’s no denying I love food, and over the years I’ve eaten in many different types of restaurants, bars, gastro pubs, diners, coffee shops and cafés. I don’t believe in restricting oneself to just one type of cuisine or style of eatery. That said there are currently five Michelin restaurants where I want to eat, […]

The Key to Mindful Eating

The Key to Mindful Eating - eating at the table

Before I ask this question I have a fair idea of what your answer will be – How many times in a week do you sit down and savor a meal? Maybe two to three? With the hectic pace of life many of us graze ‘on the hoof’ grabbing something quickly because we need fuel, […]

The Star and Garter, Leamington Spa

The Star and Garter, Leamington Spa

It’s always nice to try new places, and with my SIL, I recently had a fabulous night at The Star and Garter. We were both looking forward to seeing what this gastro pub in the heart of the community in Leamington Spa had to offer. The night we visited it was a cold rainy night […]