If there’s three foods which go together it’s cheese, crackers and chutney. Visiting the BBC Good Food Show, today, I made it my mission to find the best on offer. Together with a fellow cheese lover we visited all the cheese producers, plus those selling chutneys and crackers. Having walked the length and breadth of the Show we’ve put in the hard work which means you don’t have to.


Castello – Creamy White – this was a mild cheese but one which you could easily graze on with a nice cracker or oatcake.

Castello creamy white cheese

The Truckle Cheese Co – White Stilton with Date and Orange – which had a wonderful sweet and creamy taste – plus the Mature Farmhouse Cheddar which was a full bodied cheddar flavour.

The Truckle Cheese Co

Cornish Blue – Stilton – I’m not a fan so when it was described as the blue cheese for people who don’t like blue I knew I had to give it a try. I have to say they were right. The creaminess and mild taste make it feel a bit indulgent.

Cornish Blue

Snowdonia Cheese Company – flavoured cheddars – Pickle Power (onions), Smoked, Red Devil (chilli), and Black Bomber (mature), each of which were packed full of intense flavour. You wouldn’t need much of these to satisfy your cheese craving.

Snowdonia cheese

White Lake – Marta and Rachel – these were creamy goats cheese varying in strength of flavour. You certainly wouldn’t want to add any chutney with these.

White Lake, Marta cheese

White Lake, Rachel cheese

However my overall favourite was the Truckle Cheese Co’s White Stilton with Date and Orange. My fellow cheese lover enjoyed the Marta goats cheese from White Lake the best.


My fellow cheese lover likes an oatcake with her cheese and so we paid a visit to the Nairns stand. She liked the herbs and pumpkin seed flavour whilst I liked the cracked black pepper and the cheese flavours.

Narins oatcakes

We also both liked Mrs Crimble’s rosemary and onion crackers which were mild in flavour but full of crispness.

Mrs Crimbles cheese crackers


We tried quite a few chutneys but there really was only one that hit the spot and that was The Truckle Cheese Co’s onion marmalade. It is packed full of flavour and works well with a cheddar or by itself on the onion marmalade biscuits.

Truckle Cheese co onion marmalade


I love the BBC Good Food Show as it allows me to find artisan producers that I might not otherwise find. If you’re visiting the Show this weekend and try any of the Three Cs I’d love to know what your favourites are.



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