I love Autumn. It is my favourite time of year. You really can’t beat crisp mornings with their clear blue skies and cool air. If there is anything that would make me get up early it would be this. Walking around in the early morning before everyone starts their day is just magical. You see places in a whole new light and notice things that you’ve previously not even been conscious of. Catching your breath against the air and wrapping up to keep out the chill is all part of what makes Autumn magical. Blue skies in Autumn For as long as I can remember I’ve loved Autumn.  Although I know this has been enhanced by trips to America at this time of year. We took a road trip around New England in late October about 12 years ago. I can still remember it now. The white churches with the bright blue sky as their back drop. The red, orange and yellow leaves on the trees which created a patchwork as we drove from state to state. The pumpkins on verandas waiting for Halloween. My first taste of a Pumpkin Spiced Latte and other pumpkin flavoured products for which I instantly fell for and now can’t get enough of.  New England in the Fall White clapboard church in New England Colourful foliage of New England in the Fall White church and colourful foliage in New England Pumpkins at Yankee Candle Factory

This year there’s no trip to New England to look forward to, but I am looking to make the most of these magical months. With my increasing interest in photography, and seeking to improve my skills, I’m planning a few early morning trips to capture the essence of Autumn. Having been inspired by a photo of the deer at Charlecote, I’m heading there to see what I can capture. They’ll also be a trip into Warwick to revel in the tranquility before the town comes alive.

It’s also the food at this time of year that gets me excited.  Last year I wrote about my Autumn food inspiration and again this year I’m looking forward to experimenting with comforting meals that are both wholesome and satisfying. Another thing I love about Autumn is the clothes. The rich colours and textures, which in my mind, go hand in hand to create the best season for stylish clothes and accessories.


What do you love about Autumn?


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