Regular readers may have noticed, although I realise there has been a lot going on in the UK in the last month that I will forgive you if you haven’t, that I have been posting less often. I’ve been quietly trying to work out what direction to take with the blog and my social media. The cogs have been turning but so far without a solid conclusion. There are fragments of ideas which I’m trying to scope out. It is safe to say I’m at a crossroads with a number of possibilities in front of me.

There are three good reasons for my quietness:

  1. My day job is taking a lot of my attention
  2. I decided I want to just enjoy ‘living in the moment’ without thinking about documenting it in anyway
  3. I’ve discovered the addiction of Instagram where I’ve been working to cultivate a more ‘pulled together’ account as well which as using it for inspiration

Ok, maybe Instagram doesn’t count as a good reason!

So, dear reader, what I’m trying to say is that I will still be posting but less frequently than before. I’m hoping a little time, and less self imposed pressure of posting twice a week, will help me come to a conclusion on my direction.

Thank you for continuing to read Glamour in the County.

2 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. Hope you don’t give up your blog. I enjoy reading it .
    I’ve learnt a few things and also had an insight to a part of the country which I don’t know very well. The places you have visited around Birmingham have made me want to visit
    a place that didn’t appeal before .
    Thank you & best wishes
    Barbara Mitchell.

    • Thank you Barbara for your kind words. I’m not going to give up writing the blog I just need to change the pace so it fits in with work & life a bit more x

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