It occurred to me, last week, that I must be nearly half way through my 100 Happy Days challenge.  And on counting up today marks the half way point. So 50 Days of being happy.  And what a wonderful day for it to happen on – St Patrick’s Day.  I can safely say that there hasn’t been one day where I haven’t found something to be happy about.  I haven’t had to force anything to happen in order to feel happy.  I can definitely see a pattern to my happiness.  This being, in no particular order, food, coffee, travel, style, blogging, family and friends. Here’s some of my small pleasures over the last 50 days.

100 Happy Days  - travel 100 Happy Days - coffee 100 Happy Days - food 100 happy days - general 100 Happy Days - style

I’m looking forward to the next 50 days and continuing to find small pleasures that make me happy everyday.


What would your 100 happy days look like?  Would you take the challenge?



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